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5 Places to Take Your Dog This Weekend

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“Wisconsin Weather” is a phrase that’s commonly used to connote extreme temperature shifts from patio weather to frozen tundra. Well, this weekend, “Wisconsin Weather” means mid-60s and mostly sunny!

While this is good news for you, it’s even better news for the doggo in your life who has been begging for a romp around outside for months. But where to go? Consider one of our favorite pupper pit stops:

1. Estabrook Park

Come for the fenced-in dog park, stay for the beer garden! Located right off the Oak Leaf Trail (near Shorewood), this easy-to-access spot is a favorite for those looking to chill while giving their dogs a chance to let some energy out. With several other attractions to offer (did we mention the beer garden?), Estabrook is an outstanding location to keep both you and your lil’ floof happy.

2. Katherine Kearney Carpenter Park

A little farther to the north hails a dog park that boasts wide open, unfenced spaces, complete with trails and streams. Freedom for you and your pooch! Located in southern Mequon, one of the perks of the Katherine Kearney Carpenter Park is that unlike its Milwaukee County counterparts, there is NO FEE associated with it.

3. Runaway Dog Exercise Area

As for our friends in the south seeking a similar vast-space experience, may we suggest Runaway Dog Exercise Area in Oak Creek? Complete with well-trodded paths and giant grassy spaces, this spot is ideal for the cooped-up canine who just wants to RUN and RUN and RUN. Don’t let the name fool you, though! You won’t have to worry about runaway dogs here – this one is fenced in.

4. Granville Dog Park

But say you want more than a big area for you and your Very Good Boy™. Say you want an adventure. Fear not, this one is just the place for you! You’ll find this “Disneyland for Dogs,” as one Yelp reviewer put it, on Good Hope Road, off of I-41. Featuring more of a raw terrain, this one’s for the hikers and nature lovers. Over the river and through the woods – in Granville dog park we go!

5. Currie Dog Park

Let’s say you don’t feel like picking between open grass and woodsy fun – consider Currie Dog Park in Wauwatosa! Here, your four-legged buddy can experience the best of both worlds and entertain any mood. Covering 10 acres, there are plenty of spots – sunny and shady, flat and hilly – for an optimal outdoor excursion of absolutely any kind.

Where are you taking your fur child this weekend? Let us know in the comments!

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