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Local Support Saves Small Bars And Restaurants

Contributed by: Lisa Petersen

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My husband and I own a small bar & grill in North Lake Wisconsin. We are absolutely amazed at the outpouring of love and support from members of the community. Our customers are not only supporting us during this crisis, but all of our sister bars and grills in the area.


Several Facebook pages were created to allow small restaurants and bars to post their daily specials, menus and takeout, curbside & delivery services. The response has been overwhelming. Not only have these Facebook sites and the local customers kept small businesses going, the people that are patronizing our restaurants have been extremely generous in tipping our staff members.


Bringing the community together has definitely been the lemonade for small businesses in our area. I sincerely believe that after the crisis has ended, this kind of support will continue. It’s been absolutely overwhelming. The participating restaurants have also added bins in their establishments for local food pantry donations in an effort to pay it forward. We all changed our entire business models from dine in and takeout to 100% takeout in the span of just one day and we’re being rewarded by this amazing community. It’s definitely been the lemonade in our world!


Keep supporting small businesses one fish fry at a time! 😊
Mike & Lisa
The North Lake Bear Trap

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