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Spike Up Your Summer Menu with These Lemonade Pairings

Contributed by: Mike's Hard Lemonade

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It’s here! It’s finally here! After such a long wait, we can finally say that summer has arrived in Wisconsin – and that means trading in those soups and chilis for ALL OF THE GRILLED FOODS EVER.

But no summertime menu is complete without the perfect beverage pairing. Say, something sweet, full of flavor, and lemonade-y? OK, yes. Like a cool, refreshing Mike’s Hard Lemonade (yet another shameless plug).

We all know it’s awesome on its own, but between seasonals and staples, Mike’s Hard beverages can be the perfect complement to any fare. So, fire up the grill, throw on your favorite sundress or jorts, and discover these palate-pleasing flavor pairings.

Black Cherry

Even Mike’s has a dark side; should you choose to embrace yours, you can’t go wrong with a bottle of Mike’s Black Cherry lemonade. This bold, rich, and fruity beverage goes wonderfully with cheeses, nuts and a variety of other charcuterie favorites (are Lunchables charcuterie?).

Pineapple Mandarin

Ah…can you feel the sand between your toes? When you need a moment of tropical tranquility, Mike’s Pineapple Mandarin has got your back. With its pineapple-forward sweetness, it plays well with a little spice. So, kick it up with a smoked chicken sausage topped with a spicy pineapple relish.


Summer’s favorite fruit is now one of our favorite beverages. Mike’s Strawberry lemonade is both sweet and sour, which means it plays nicely with just about everyone, but can really lighten up the heavy, complex flavors of a smoked brisket or barbecue ribs.


Mangos are the official fruit of mankind – and goes great with some of humanity’s other favorite fruity flavors like apple, banana, berry, coconut, and citrus. Try your Mike’s Hard Mango with a spicy coconut and lime grilled shrimp for a summery island feast.


You know what? If Christmas gets to be in July then dang it, so does Thanksgiving! If you have a hankering for your favorite holiday foods you now have an excuse to prepare them. For a summertime twist, pair your Mike’s Hard Cranberry with a grilled whole turkey and other fall favorites like squash or brussels sprouts.


You really can’t beat the classics. That’s why we saved our best in show, our main contender, the ancestor of all Mike’s Hard Lemonade flavors for last. But really, what doesn’t pair well with some ice-cold lemonade? Grilled Salmon? Lemonade. Elote? Lemonade. Heck, even corn dogs pair well with lemonade. No matter the menu or the venue, lemonade is a pal to all palates.


Did these pairings tickle your taste buds or do you have one that can’t be beat? Share your favorite combos and cocktail creations in the comments! Oh, and if you’ve got a hankerin’ for any of these Mike’s Hard Lemonade flavors, head on over to our flavor locator.

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