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10 Fun Ways to Get Your Summer On

Contributed by: Amy, Share Lemonade

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Summertime is for sharing lemonade and having fun. We’re here to help you embrace the warmer weather, longer days, and abundance of sunshine by celebrating the good times and offering up some ways for you and your favorite people to get your summer on!

1.  Host a Backyard Karaoke Session

It’s ok. You can admit it. You love karaoke. Who doesn’t right? Instead of singing in your shower or your car, invite some of your vocally talented friends over for a backyard jam session. Is “vocally talented” a bit of a stretch? Pick a summertime playlist you love, crank the volume up, and hit that mic with confidence. Those high notes don’t stand a chance.

2. Hit the Trails

Ah, the great outdoors! The sky, the trees, the dirt – nothing beats the feeling of becoming one with nature. There are some amazing hiking spots in and around Milwaukee. No matter where you are in the city, you can round up some pals and hit the trails!

3. Cool Off with a Pool Party

Have a pool? Awesome! Grab some floaties and your favorite swimsuit and spend a day splashing it up poolside. Don’t have a pool? Borrow your neighbor’s! Ask for forgiveness, not permission. Surprise pool parties are a great way to make new friends. Probably.

4. Gather ‘Round a Campfire

Crackling flames. Smores. Spooky stories. Campfires are a quintessential summertime delight. Cool summer nights were made for the warm glow of the perfect campfire.

5.  Build a Pillow Fort

You’re not a “couch potato,” you’re a master architect. Gather your pillows, blankets, couch cushions and whatever other unsuspecting living room furniture you have access to and bring your dream fortress to life. Warm weather means your masterpieces aren’t just for indoor entertainment. Bring those fortresses outside for the coziest backyard campout ever.

6.  Make it a Movie Night

What are you in the mood for? An action-packed adventure? A heartwarming romance? Some good old-fashioned comedy? Summer pairs well with every genre. Aim a projector at a blank wall or hang a white sheet in your backyard to create an outdoor theatre ambiance for you and some friends. Don’t forget the popcorn!

7.  Pack a Picnic

All of your favorite foods – but outside! How exciting. Pack up your go-to munchies and throw some tasty beverages on ice (some lemonade, perhaps?) Sunshine makes everything taste better. Just watch out for ants. We HATE ants.

8.  Sip at Sea

The call of the sea must be answered! Or the lake. Kiddie pool? Whatever. No matter which “body” of water you boat, paddle, or wade into, try cooling off when it’s hot out with these yacht rock essentials. Bon voyage!

9.  Get Your Game On

Yay, sports!  Athletes know better than anyone that summer is the time to work hard and play harder. Hit the beach for some volleyball, play some one-on-one at your local basketball court, or grab some friends and get an outdoor soccer match going. No matter your game, we’re your biggest fans.

10.  Come Back for More

Sure, all of these ideas are great and all. But, what could be more fun than perusing your favorite lemonade-themed website, right? RIGHT? (HINT HINT) We’ll be here all summer with new ideas for hanging out, partying it up, and having fun in the sun.


There’s no wrong way to get your summer on. Do you have mad fun game? Tell us how you’re cooling off and throwing down this summer in the comments below.

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