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Country Fun and Movie-Themed Dinners Make Family Meals Magical

Contributed by: Jenifer Koebel

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In our family, we do two different themed dinners each week.

On Mondays, we take turns choosing a new country to research. The person that is in charge of their country that night has to find recipes that are popular in that country. Then, they shop (with some help from Mom) to gather all the ingredients needed for the recipe. Next, we create, cook, and serve those dishes to the family. It is also their job to explain what foods we are eating and why they are popular in the country they researched. The rest of the family is in charge of researching that country’s flag, culture, traditions, and finding out what children in that country like to do for fun.

During the weekends, we do movie-themed dinners. We research the movie and find fun dishes to create to eat while we watch them. For example, with “On Golden Pond,” we had Walter Baked Trout, Backflip Brussel Sprouts, Norman’s Buttery Noodles, Ethel’s Strawberry Shortcake and Chelsea’s Chocolate Ice Cream. We bring props inspired by the movies to our themed dinners as well. All of this makes it for a fun night.

The following week, I share my photo’s on Facebook to my friends and family. They love the ideas. I do this to not only put a smile on others faces during this time, but to give others inspiration to do fun themed dinners with their children. It helps get kids off of their phones and gets them excited to cook, learn, and to have fun as a family.

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