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Fun Ways to Celebrate Without Fireworks This Weekend

Contributed by: Amy, Share Lemonade

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The 4th of July festivities in your city may not include big parades or large displays of fireworks this year. But, that doesn’t mean that America’s favorite party can’t still be big, loud and bright! There are plenty of other ways to have fun, celebrate and light up the night this Fourth of July.

Looking for some patriotic party inspiration? Here are few fire-free activities to try with your friends and family.

Celebrate Freedom with a 4th of July Flick

What’s your favorite America-themed movie? Gather your people and snack on some red, white, and blue treats to celebrate the holiday with a themed movie night. From kid-friendly cartoons to action-packed adventures and thrillers, there are SO MANY movies set on or around the 4th of July. One of your favorites is bound to be on the list.

Make it Sparkle, Shine, and Glow

Fireworks aren’t the only way to light up the night this year. You can use glow sticks, sparklers, glow-in-the dark paint, paper lanterns, candles, Christmas lights, you name it – anything that shines – to create a breathtaking light show right in your backyard. Toss those glow sticks into balloons to add some height (and maybe a couple of loud “BANGS!”) to your DIY light show.

Plan Your Own Parade

Public parties might be cancelled but we are marching on with our own parades this year! Dress up in as much red, white, and blue as you possibly can, find some fun instruments or other noise makers, wave some flags or create your own posters or banners and hit the streets! Invite friends, family, neighbors and pets to join you in what will be the best mini-parade ever.

Wage a Patriotic Water War

What better day could there be than the 4th of July to wage a good-old-fashioned water war? Arm yourself with colored silly string, some red, white, and blue water balloons, or the garden hose, if you prefer a more direct approach, and cool off while you fight the good fight for freedom – or the corner of your backyard. Same thing! Add a couple of sprinklers or slip’n’slides for an even more dynamic battlefield experience.

Enjoy Nature’s Take on Fireworks

If you’re REALLY wishing you could still see the magical glow of bright lights against the night sky, good news: you can! While city lights and actual fireworks give off way too much light for us to see the night sky, a quick trip outside of the city will allow you to enjoy nature’s take on pyrotechnics – shooting stars! For those of us in the Midwest, summer months offer star-gazing and meter shower viewing opportunities almost every night! Pack up some blankets or a late-night picnic and head out of the city for the evening to camp-out beneath the night sky. Some of Wisconsin’s state parks are prime spots for shooting star sightings. Who knows? This natural light show might just become one of your new favorite holiday traditions.

How will you be celebrating all things America this weekend? Tell us about your freedom festivities in the comments below, or share your story with us to see it on the Share Lemonade site!

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