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Hold Me Closer Tony Danza…and Other Lyrics You’re Hearing Wrong

Contributed by: Amy, Share Lemonade

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If you think Macy Gray is “blowing bubbles when you are not here” (world crumbles when you are not near), or Toto is telling you that they “guess it rains down in Africa” (bless the rains down in Africa), we have some news that may be tough for you to hear: those aren’t the actual lyrics.

While plenty of people believe that The Clash is rocking “the cat box” (the Casbah) and that Creedence Clearwater Revival is just helping us out by letting us know that there’s “a bathroom on the right” (a bad moon on the rise),  a quick glance at the actual lyrics to these wildly-popular songs will reveal that our ears have deceived us.

Are you experiencing the sheer horror of realizing that you’re not singing these songs correctly? Don’t worry. You’re not alone.

Whether we’ve belted out the wrong words in the shower, during a concert, or on a road trip with people who will NEVER let you live it down, there are so many commonly-misheard song lyrics out there that we’ve likely all fallen victim to a wrong word or two at some point.

So, in solidarity, we’ve gathered some of the most-commonly misheard songs that plague music lovers everywhere so that we can keep rocking out without living in fear. Grab that hairbrush microphone and get back to the show, Tony Danza lovers. There’s no judgement here.


Do you have a funny (or mildly traumatic) story about a misheard song lyric?  Be a jukebox hero and tell us your tales of laughter and woe in the comments below! You might just save someone else from suffering a similar fate.


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