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Movies that Practically Scream ‘Summer’

Contributed by: Becky, Share Lemonade

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SUMMER: a season absolutely bursting with potential. The promise of long days, warm weather, and no school awakens dormant dreams of adventuring – invoking an exploratory energy that can manifest in an infinite number of ways. Which is to say, the plotline possibilities are endless.

So, in honor of the freedom this season brings, we’re talking movies that practically SCREAM summer.


The Sandlot

Coming-of-age flicks set in summer? Groundbreaking.

But hey, there are so gosh-darn many of these kinds of movies for a reason – people relate to them. We all had to grow up, and many of us did so during an unforgettable summer or two with friends who were a perfect fit during that chapter of our lives. One of my favorite iterations of this time-honored trope has to be the 1993 cult classic, “The Sandlot”. The feel-good plot features a handful of fifth grade boys as they navigate through some standard summertime shenanigans through the lens of neighborhood baseball. And perhaps more importantly, this is the movie responsible for bringing us the iconic, “You’re killing me, Smalls!”


Another respected seasonal tradition? The Summer Job.

Typically oriented in customer-service, typically grunt work, and typically for minimum wage, plotlines that revolve around The Summer Job typically delve into the unique interpersonal dynamics of a group of people banded together for a time under such circumstances. 2009’s dramedy, “Adventureland,” is no exception. “Adventureland” follows young adults with hopes and dreams that extend beyond their hometown of Pittsburgh working for a summer at their local amusement park, and the ever-changing series of platonic and romantic relationships that come out of it. With a cast including the likes of Kristen Wiig, Bill Hader, Martin Starr, Ryan Reynolds, Kristen Stewart, and Jesse Eisenberg, this one’s a must-see for the season.

Dirty Dancing

But, not everyone stays at home for the summer. For some families, summer is a chance to get away – say, at a holiday resort.

And that’s where movies like the legendary 1987 dance film “Dirty Dancing” come in. A clash of the social classes provides a backdrop for this beloved dance movie, which forever cemented itself in cultural history with lines like, “Nobody puts Baby in the corner” and moments like THE SUCCESSFUL LIFT timed perfectly to the musical climax of “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life”.


But what about you? Which summertime movies scream summer in your household? Are you more “The Parent Trap,” or “I Know What You Did Last Summer”? Any love out there for “Crossroads”? Let us know in the comments below!

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