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One Movie That Never Gets Old…

Contributed by: Becky, Share Lemonade

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Picture this…

You’ve just slipped into your coziest loungewear. En route to the living room, you swing past the kitchen, silently thanking Past You for prioritizing snack items on your last grocery run. Soon, you (and your assortment of snacks) have made it to your destination: the couch. You sink into the cushions, shuffling and adjusting your positioning until – ahhhh, there it is… Comfort: achieved.

Free from the shackles of any kind of agenda, you lazily scroll through your TV’s channel guide. Nothing really jumps out at first, but then you come across a title that makes the corners of your mouth turn up ever so slightly. Scenes start playing out in your head before you’ve even had the chance to confirm that selection. And of course, you do confirm that selection. You always do. To you, this movie is perfect. It may not have won an Oscar, but – it just brings you joy, ya know?

For me, that movie is Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Directed by John Hughes, this beloved 1986 comedy follows the titular Ferris (Matthew Broderick), a charming high school senior, as he employs a slew of clever tactics to – along with his best friend and girlfriend – effectively skip school without getting caught.

It’s one of those movies that I started watching at possibly too young of an age; it was a guilty pleasure flick for my parents – one they weren’t gonna give up just because they have a kid now. It eventually morphed into the movie my sister and I would, ironically, watch on sick days. To this day, it remains the only comedy that never gets old for me. Somehow, memorizing the timing and delivery of every single line has only increased the level of enjoyment I receive upon each new viewing.

So, for today’s #MovieMonday, we want to hear which movie has this kind of effect on you. What could you watch over and over AND OVER again? Sound off in the comments!

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