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Virtual Reading Of Inquisitive Gwendolyn

Shared by: Diane Thompson

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I’m excited to announce the release of my first book (April 15, 2020)! Inquisitive Gwendolyn is a delightful story of a precocious Phoebe and her first few days of life. The youngest of five, she has so much to learn while in her busy, full nest. She asks many questions and soon knows why her egg had spots, how bugs taste, why her mom has missing tummy feathers and so much more. Most importantly, she learns that asking questions is a good thing. All the illustrations are created from actual Phoebe photos taken & enhanced by the author.


Book readings were scheduled to happen, but a pandemic came about. I still want to share the book with all the kids, parents and grandparents who are stuck at home. Please go to my web page for a free virtual reading of my book:


My goal is to not make money, but rather bring joy and share my love of nature. Spring is a beautiful time of year when new life begins.


Enjoy Nature – Live – Love – Laugh – and spend time with others,

Dee Dee



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