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What Movies Remind You of Mom?

Contributed by: Aimee, Share Lemonade

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My mom is one of those people who rarely stop moving. 

When she wasn’t at work, she’d be digging around in her garden, redecorating a room in the house, or finding something to add to my dad’s Honey-Do List at the home improvement store. But between projects and planning, there was always time for a good (or so-bad-it’s-good) movie.

To this day, there are some movies that I’ll watch just because they remind me of my mom. Little reminders that, no matter how old I get or how far away I live, I’ll always be her daughter. Of course there are classics like The Color Purple and Steel Magnolias, but also a whole bunch of movies of questionable quality that I still watch because they remind me of sick days or rainy days together (I’m lookin’ at you, My Blue Heaven, Overboard, and Joe Versus the Volcano).

Which brings us to our #MovieMonday topic: What movies remind you of the mom or moms in your life? Sound off in the comments!

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