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A Stranger Gave Me Water

Contributed by: Greg Rogge

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I recently was at my local Fleet Farm hoping to find a case of water that was in the sales ad. I looked all over and couldn’t find it so I decided to leave and shop elsewhere. On my way out, a man walked in and we made eye contact. He asked how I was and I said they don’t have the water I’m looking for. He asked what kind? I said it didn’t matter and I wasn’t going to be picky. He walked back to his van, reached in and handed me a case of water. I asked how much he wanted for it. He looked back and said it yours – I don’t want anything. I was surprised and very appreciative. The kindness in our community is amazing during times like this! I decided that I would try to pay it forward the next time an opportunity comes up for me to do something similar.

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