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Connection Among The Disconnected

Shared by: Olivia Liebe

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While the COVID-19 outbreak endures, trauma and loss continue to enter almost every avenue of our lives, and our society drifts apart in social isolation. We are disconnected. But a sense of interconnection in our communities is stronger than ever due to the tremendous relief efforts of locals and businesses.


While it’s easy to get caught in the stream of terrorizing news, good news is being spread each and every day. Corporations are aiding our state in this time of panic. Monterey Mills, one of North America’s largest textile mills, is working hard to craft respiratory masks, fulfilling the country’s deficit. Angelic Bakehouse, a widespread bread shop and Milwaukee native, is making generous donations to support Feeding America. Even the Green Bay Packers have contributed over $1.5 million in relief funds to the greater Milwaukee area. These contributions are valuable, but what fascinates me is the work that happens ‘behind the scenes’.


When we think about companies, we tend to think about the organization as a whole; however, individuals contribute just as much as upper level management. Many employees are suffering pay losses or, even worse, job losses during confinement. While many of the safety precautions are state regulated—and, therefore, not optional—these individuals are providing a service to their community by protecting their coworkers and customers.


We are fortunate to have community members that are putting their lives on the line in grocery stores and hospitals. But we often overlook the individuals that are supplying our front line workers with safety equipment and basic needs. A week ago, while making a quick stop at my local grocery store, I noticed that each clerk stood behind a plexiglass window. As I strolled through Walmart, I noticed that every employee was supplied with latex gloves and protective suits. Fastsigns, a sign and graphic company, is showing its support by donating meals to front line workers around the Milwaukee area. While these efforts are often overlooked, they are immensely influential in the lives of our brave, local employees. Each employer is being held to new responsibilities as the lives of the working force are being put at risk. How would you feel if you were required to manage a group of twenty urgent care employees during this time of world panic?


Each effort carries significance as the pandemic continues to threaten our state. And while we wait in uncertainty, we can be certain that our local businesses are standing with us. I encourage you to acknowledge this support when we are released back into society. Thank your locals. Give back. After all, it’s the act of community that makes these disconnected times feel a bit more connected.

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