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From CNA To CFO To Entrepreneur

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Cynthia (CeCe) B. is a former CFO/Businesswoman and current CEO/President of C. Renee consulting and management group. She did not always hold these prestigious titles nor the multiple degrees she currently holds.

CeCe was born on the North side of Milwaukee to very modest means and her childhood was rough. However, the lemons that life handed her early on were destined to turn into lemonade after years of adding “sugar” (hard work & dedication)!

After graduating high school, CeCe already had the hardest job in America – being a mother – but she didn’t let that stop her from completing her two bachelors degrees nor did it stop her from gaining her masters in human services. As a black woman, CeCe worked her way up from CNA to CFO in the most segregated city in the USA, and for the past seven years she has been using the specific blend of life lessons (lemons) and perseverance/education (sugar) to advance her community with her company.

C. Renee Consulting and Management Group has three divisions of services and has been enriching the lives and productivity of new entrepreneurs, job seekers, employers and, most recently, the disabled and elderly communities. C.R.C offers business development for new entrepreneurs and existing ones; workforce development where high quality practices and training are implemented for job seekers and/or employers; and supportive services where sustained independence is key to living a full and happy life. All three of these divisions speak to CeCe’s perspective on how to uplift, help and serve a community that has been served lemons for a long time. She has taken all the advantages and disadvantages life has given her and turned them into a profitable business!

With that said, starting on June 8, 2020, C.R.C will begin offering free breakfasts and lunches for youth ages 1-18. For more details on CeCe, her staff and the summer meals program, please visit

I had to share this story about my boss because I believe her story – even the short version I gave here – is a true testament to how a black woman makes lemonade every day.

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