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Giving Back To The Community During COVID-19

Shared by: Brent Allen Caputo

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On Easter Sunday, I played an Easter Bunny in an effort to give back to the local community during this Covid-19 crisis.


As I wore a face mask on my costume, as a sign of the times, this Easter Bunny set out to wave to frontline workers and patients at the Kenosha downtown hospital, as well as apartments, nursing homes and households throughout Kenosha, Wisconsin.


Tons of vehicles honked their horns and took video and/or pictures with their cell phones in support of the good idea. Many pulled over at a safe distance to express how happy it made them feel to see the Easter Bunny and thanked me for making them smile during this time. Kids of all ages ran to the windows or screen doors waving endlessly while yelling I Love You Easter Bunny!


It was as much fun for me as it was for the community.  In times like these where we are apart physically much of the time, it reminds us that we are together overall.


The Easter Bunny had the honor of making a couple of unplanned social-distancing-compliant Easter Basket deliveries along the way.


In a few instances, the sounds of parents telling their children that the Easter Bunny also wears a mask filled the air.


It was an honor to play the part of the Easter Bunny to bring a smile back to a community in which I was born and raised and provided so much positive influence on who I am today.

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