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Small Action, Big Impact

Shared by: Greta Gullborg

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Smelling the fresh nature air with no mask on to cover your nose and mouth, going into a store to pick up the last few groceries you forgot the day before, and preparing for a gathering at your house for your grandmother’s 93rd birthday is not acceptable anymore—the unimaginable has become reality.


But under all the panic and anxiety, there are remarkable measures being carried out to help others ease their strong emotions. Behind the scenes workers – doctors, teachers and factory workers – are doing everything they can to stop the worldwide panic. Not everyone needs to find a vaccine or cure for COVID-19 to be called a hero—there are heroes all around me in my community.


I am an essential worker at an assisted living facility, and I can tell you that we are doing everything we can to make sure that our residents are safe and healthy during this time of need. Outside of the facility, I see streets that are filled with cars and hungry people waiting to pick up their meals at curbside dining with small local businesses. Schools are feeding those whose only meal is the school lunch that they are no longer receiving. Everyone is considered a hero during this time, no matter the actions they take.


As we might be irritable and full of distress during this time, we are still noticing the remarkable actions our Wisconsin businesses are taking. As a member of a small business, Hartland Terrace Assisted Living, I can say that we are taking precautions to stay safe but also helping those we serve so they feel less alone during this time.


Hartland nursing homes are filled with residents who see no hope and joy around them. While noticing the residents’ emotions, the assisted living facility put on a spirit week to lift the spirits of all the residents. Although their families are no longer able to see their loved ones, we made sure the residents know they are still cared for and not alone. There is writing on all of the windows in the facility from each resident’s family members on their individual room windows. These writings say “You are loved” “We miss you” “Stay Strong” and many more inspirational sayings. By experiencing the impact this had on the residents, I also felt inspired to do more to help those around me.


Another action that took place was a parade in the parking lot of the facility. The residents were gathered outside (six feet away from each other of course!). Their family members wrote on their cars then drove through the parking lot of the facility honking their horns and showing their love. The facility keeps doing memorable actions to keep the residents happy and full of hope. The residents had bright smiles on their faces for the whole day and so did the employees. This was a force of good because of the major impact it made on all the people who are being severely affected by COVID-19. Even though there might not talk of the end for COVID-19 there is still talk about the light at the end of the tunnel, which is helping our small businesses survive and interact with the community around them.


As a whole, the community is coming together to help the businesses around us maintain their financial ground and stability. We are observing many unspeakable actions taking place to help those that are at high risk of COVID-19 and even those who aren’t. We are coming together as a community to stop the destruction COVID-19 has made so that we will be once again be able to smell the fresh air, go to the grocery store, and celebrate with our loved ones.

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