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Teens: Even In Lockdown, You Are Not Alone

Shared by: Shannon Ishizaki

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Terrence Talley is most known for his school assemblies and “Dad Hugs,” at middle and high schools nationwide.

While some teenagers may roll their eyes at the thought of another assembly, Terrence’s presentations center around the individual secrets we carry about depression, anxiety, and isolation. The mood at the assemblies quickly changes to a place of comfort once teenagers realize they are not alone in their feelings.

But, what happens when we’re quarantined and assembling is out of the question? Crucial to their development, positive socialization is what teenagers need, not a situation that accentuates any feeling of isolation. So what does Terrence do?

He quickly changed gears and partnered with the organization, Relevant Speakers. He continues to reach out to schools, offering virtual presentations that address the uncertainty in our time. Pre-quarantine, the group visited over 1,000 schools. This school year, they were able to reach 85.

To date, they have virtually visited eight schools where students were encouraged and reassured that they are not alone during this time and that WE can make it through together.

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