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9-year-old girl’s lemonade helps quench thirst and give back to the community

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Like a lot of kids, Kyric Burt had the idea to start a lemonade stand.

She did one and made about $150.

When Kyric’s church asked her to join their entrepreneur corner, not only did Kyric say, ‘yes’ she took it to a whole never level.

It was a hit.

Now, just one year later, Kyric bottles and sells five flavors: Pineapple, orange, pink, blue, and regular.

“If you love a whole lot of sweet and whole lot of tart, you’ll love a whole lot of Kyric’s Lemonade,” said

Her Facebook followers think so, too.

They know when she has product and they’re ready to buy!

“They go on my lemonade business, Kyric’s Lemonade, and they just send us a text message and that they want a flavor of lemonade and we’ll get it for them and they can come pick it up,” said Kyric.

“Her father and I thought that it was important to teach her the value of making her own dollar,” said Nikki, Kyric’s mom.

Now, Kyric is doing just that.

The Wisconsin Humane Society was her first charitable giveaway.

“It makes me all warm and fuzzy on the inside, that she gets it,” said Nikki, Kyric’s mom. “She understands giving back to her community and to other people. You make the dollar and you don’t keep it all for yourself. Give some away.”

Kyric already has plans for her future earnings.

She wants to donate to a business that’s struggling with COVID-19, to the a group who helps homeless, and to sick children.

At only 9 years old, Kyric can quench a thirst and fill a soul with just one bottle.

“I like to see everybody happy and when they taste it and they smile and they say, ‘it’s good,’ it makes me feel happy.”

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