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Milwaukee boy taps personal experiences to pen book about being bullied

Contributed by: FOX6 News

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Not many kids Cameron Fry’s age can say they’re published authors.

But unfortunately, many kids Cameron’s age can say they’ve been bullied.

“I was about 8 or 9 and the bully kept throwing food, plastic food at me,” said Fry.

He didn’t understand why it was happening, but when he saw another kid being bullied, Cameron knew he had to do something about it.

“That’s when it actually did, kind of like, ‘oh my God, now I’m a witness to someone else being bullied so I don’t want this to happen to me again or happen to no one else,’ said Angel Bell, Cameron’s mom.

So he wrote a book.

“I found out and did my research about what happens when people get bullied,” said Fry.

“A lot of kids actually committed suicide from being bullied in school and his antennae went up,” said Bell.

‘Why Bully Me?’ tackles the physical and emotional toll bullying can take on kids.

“Bullying actually takes a hold on a lot of people,” said Bell.

With mom’s help, Cameron’s story was published and is now sold worldwide.

Writing this book was a way for Cameron to spread his positive message.

“Because I knew bullying and being bullied is wrong,” said Fry.

“I’m very proud because he was able to take his own experience and share it with someone else,” said Bell.

It’s a message that makes both Cameron and his mom proud.

“It makes me feel like I actually did something,” said Fry. “I know that I did something that was good and that would impact the world.”

To buy Cameron’s book, ‘Why Bully Me?’ check out Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or locally at Boswell Book Company.

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