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My Little Lemonade

Contributed by: Kelly Gramblicka

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When my 19-year-old daughter found out she was pregnant 5 years ago we were not sure what we were going to do. We didn’t tell anyone in our family except for my mom. I cried for 5 months until my mom said, “Kelly when life hands you lemons, you make lemonade.” I couldn’t think of any sweeter lemonade than that baby.

When she was born we had a lemonade stand made for her. Her first birthday was lemonade themed. We call her Lemonade, and she calls me grandma juice box.

Last year, while being only 3 years old, she rolled her lemonade stand out and raised well over $1000 for charity. She poured the lemonade, took the money and thanked the customers. She was a boss baby! I was so proud. A few weeks ago, while out on a walk she took a garage bag along to pick up trash around the neighborhood. We walk up and down the sidewalk and write inspirational notes. She enjoys giving gift cards for the essential workers in our community when she sees them.

She truly is sweetness and all that lemonade is made up of.

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