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Alverno Students Provide Enjoyment for the Elderly

Contributed by: Patricia Krupski

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I’m a clinical nursing teacher at Alverno.

My clinical and those of two other instructors work with the students in the first clinical experience. This experience is with the geriatric population in several Long Care Facilities.
Each semester, we do a Give Back Day to thank our residents for allowing us to meet and interact with them. Because we couldn’t have our Give Back Day, which usually includes doing their nails and playing games with them, the assignment was changed to come up with one thing for the elderly to do.

We have 60 students, and each was instructed to come up with one task a piece. Instead, we delivered over 1000 items to each of the three facilities. The items were made to help the elderly have something to do while they were confined to their room. They included word searches, crossword puzzles, and coloring pages. Activities ranged from simple to more complicated to allow everyone to be able to participate. Although we as instructors heard how unhappy the students were not to be able to say goodbye to their residents, the outpour of work they did on this project made both the students and the residents happy.

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