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Free Little Food Pantry Helps Neighbors

Contributed by: Justin Yates

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The week before Governor Ever’s “Safer at Home” order took effect, my neighbors were already starting to look out for each other. I came home one day to find this wonderful little basket by our building’s mailboxes. Attached was a note “Free Little Food Pantry” with a caring message. Anonymously, one of my neighbors in our building of eight units was offering up some extra food.


In addition, they also encouraged leaving a list if someone didn’t feel comfortable going out and they would pick up the items. We have some older residents in the building, so in a time when there is increased risk for them to be exposed to a new virus, I can only imagine how comforting that was to see.


As the days have turned to weeks, other items appeared. Sometimes it almost seems as if it’s a trading post now, which is great because it helps keep us all inside when normally we may have gone to the store for that item. I was lucky enough to find some toilet paper on an essential trip to the store. I guess the basket has morphed from being a food pantry only, but we definitely haven’t had any complaints about that!


It really makes me appreciate neighbors. Under normal circumstances, everyone is cordial enough, but now everyone is stepping up and watching out for each other. I can’t help but feel good about that!

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