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GRGB Provides Free Legal Helpline For Healthcare Providers

Contributed by: Britt Frank

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Our healthcare workers do so much for us and GRGB wanted to give back. We started a free legal helpline available for all healthcare providers that is available Mon-Fri from 6-8am to hopefully accommodate their busy schedules before a standard shift starts. With everything else they have to worry about, legal questions shouldn’t have to be one of them right now!

GRGB is recognized as one of the best trial and litigation firms in Wisconsin. Our attorneys have successfully represented individuals and businesses in a wide variety of cases, from white collar criminal investigations and serious criminal offenses, to personal injury and complex civil litigation, to family law and real estate matters. They have earned the respect of the legal community and are recognized for their skill and experience not only by our clients, but also by colleagues, adversaries and judges. GRGB is known for its tradition of honesty, candor and in-depth preparation and presentation. In addition to being our clients’ best advocates, GRGB has a long history of giving back to the community. Our lawyers serve dozens of community organizations on a variety of levels, demonstrating a genuine compassion for the people in the communities in which we live and practice. GRGB is also a proud member of the LGBT Chamber of Commerce which works to create a fully inclusive state by promoting economic growth and opportunities among LGBT owned and allied businesses, corporations, and professionals in Wisconsin.

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