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Kindness from the “Covid-Kids”

Contributed by: Megan Wahl

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When we started our first day of quarantine, I told my superhero obsessed 3 year old son, Louie, we had to stay home for awhile due to a virus in our community. When I told him it was called COVID-19, he thought about that for a second, and then said, “Mom, I want to be the “Covid-Kid” and fight the virus like a superhero with kindness!” We loved the idea and ran with it.


Every day, Louis and Beckett (his 18 month old brother) have donned their best superhero attire and spread kindness, one act at a time. The acts are all inspired by the kids and include: messages to health care workers; donations to support rides for seniors to get essential supplies; letters of appreciation to our mail person, Amazon delivery people, seniors, and grocery delivery people; donating to our local food pantries; supporting young childhood educators; decorating our trash can in appreciation for our trash man; delivering painted kindness rocks in our neighborhood; decorating our car in an appreciation parade for our frontline community workers; and donating to organizations doing laundry for hospitals.


We are documenting our acts of kindness on Instagram at: covidkidskindness


Day 1: The “Covid-Kid” decides to do kindness in our community to fight the virus.


Day 2: Today, we made “popsicle stick heroes” per Louie’s request. He thought they would help the world fight the coronavirus. We made a puppet show and sent it to our grandparents who live in Washington, who we miss so very much and who are in an area hit hard by coronavirus.


Day 3: Today, we made a donation to the Riverwest Food Pantry. Louie got to pick which food pantry he wanted to donate to and we had the opportunity to talk about how grateful we are to have food – an essential human need. As an added bonus, we got to donate in our uncle’s name who is a firefighter actively serving on the frontline of our community.


Day 4: Today, Louie had the great idea to make muffins for our neighbor. She has been through a rough time lately and he thought that muffins would “fill her bucket”. So we whipped up some healthy breakfast muffins and played ding-dong-ditch. Mission accomplished!


Day 5: Today, we learned that some seniors in our community are having trouble getting rides to the grocery store or pharmacy so we decided to pitch in and give them a lift! We donated to a local senior network who helps provide rides for those in need. Their mission is to engage and support seniors and others in leading meaningful lives. We hope everyone can get around safely!


Day 6: While giving our family compliments tonight at dinner, Louie said, “Mom! Compliments are kindness!” So we focused on compliments as our act of kindness! A compliment wields great possibility. It shows respect, admiration, approval, gratitude, trust, appreciation and hope. So today, we are sharing some compliments that filled our buckets from the Covid-Kids.


Day 7: Today’s act of kindness was happy chalk messages to our neighbors! Louie noticed how many people in our neighborhood have been out enjoying nature, walking their dogs, or just getting out for some fresh air these days so we drew some capes, saved the universe, and left some positive messages for passersby. We hope they bring a smile or a small sliver of peace to unsettled souls during these uncertain and lonely times.


Day 8: Today’s act of kindness was letters of appreciation for our frontline medical staff. Louis told me things he wanted to say to doctors working to save lives and we wrote them on little messages. We cannot imagine the amount of stress and pressure on our health care professionals during these historic times. So we wanted to be sure they knew that we are here to affirm their efforts, applaud their commitment to serving others, and recognize the selfless sacrifices they are making to save lives. It is going to be a tough week and we want them to go into it knowing that we know they are the true superheroes. “We’ve got you”, “we appreciate you”, and we are cheering for you every step of the way!


Day 9: Today’s act of kindness was appreciation for our post office worker! We love getting mail and we know it has been a lifeline for some during this pandemic so we wanted to make sure they know how much we appreciate them! Louie thought they could use an extra superhero as they go about their daily routine. And added bonus – we got to watch them pick up and get some long-distance waves from the truck!


Day 10: Today, we made kindness rocks. Superheroes are always looking to “fill people’s buckets” so we thought this would be a fun way to brighten someone’s day on our daily walk around the neighborhood.


Day 11: Today, we decided to decorate our windows with hearts to cheer up our neighborhood friends.


I have been humbled by my 3-year-old’s heart and, at this time, his pure innocence and genuine love and care for the world and for others is what has held me together through these heavy times. Despite the tragedy occurring around us, these small acts of kindness have been a light in the darkness and we sincerely hope they have helped shine a light into the lives of others as well.

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