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Promise Keeper

Contributed by: Olivia Cerfus

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The story I am sharing is one of the best examples I have personally experienced of the goodness in people!

I am a third-grade teacher and I was doing my weekly check-in calls this week. After asking a parent if there was anything they needed from me, they simply said, “Food”. I assured the person I would do whatever I could to make sure the family would have food and hung up the phone.

I reached out to all the “usual” people at my school that could help and then also reached out to our school “Youth Advocate”. The “advocate” and I have had many conversations about how the student population we work with have been let down repeatedly by the people in their lives. The “advocate” promised me they would reach out to the people in the community they could, and get it taken care of. I let the family know immediately and in less than 48 hours, our “advocate” kept their promise and delivered 3 boxes of food to this family!

I am so grateful we have people like our school “advocate” that show good things are still happening in this world!

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