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A Sincere Thank You to All of the Helpers

Contributed by: Brian Petrick

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My mom is simultaneously caring, compassionate, empathetic, energetic, strong, smart, tough, opportunistic, aggressive, and unrelentingly persistent when she needs to be. More simply put, my mom is a nurse.

I was just about 16 years old when this really hit home for me. We were driving back from my drivers ed class and when we came to a 4 way stop, there was a man lying in the street next to a fallen down bike. I froze as she jumped out of the car and started tending to the man – getting his name, asking questions, and checking his pulse. His name was Gerry, and he’d had one too many at the local watering hole, thus rendering him unable to properly ride his bike. He ended up being fine. It all happened so fast. Before I knew it, the paramedics were there and Mom was back in the car. We weren’t in the best area of town and I questioned why she’d get out of the car in that situation. She reminded me that she took an oath. Then, she called me a chicken. Sometimes a good nurse has to ruffle some feathers I guess, but she was right. I was scared.

When the reality of the COVID-19 pandemic arrived in Wisconsin my Mom, Frances Petrick, who retired last year, sprung back into action to do what nurses do: help people. She assembled a crew of retired friends and put them to work making masks for local nursing homes and assisted living facilities using material purchased from hobby shops as well as unwanted flannel sheets. The team consists of Frances Petrick, Vikki Prochaska, Cathy Martin, Debbie Rudan, Suzie Rosenberg, Cindy Bodnar, and Lenora Brockman. Since coming together last week for this mission, they’ve assembled and delivered well over 200 masks for staff members at local nursing homes. They continue to work at a frenzied pace putting masks together, and they have an assembly of material sourcing, cutting, sewing, and delivering.

For every story like this in the world, there are hundreds more just like it. Reading through this page has been an amazing reminder that there are so many good people out there doing good things. Pessimism is no match for positivity. My sincere thanks go out to all those people out there who are doing what they can to help others, including those who came up with this wonderful idea.



The Lucky Son of a Nurse

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