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Young Men On A Mission

Contributed by: Dennis Gaynor Jr

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Like many, Young Men On A Mission (YMOM) was impacted by this pandemic. We were in full swing with our after-school mentoring program for young men in 3rd-8th grade. When this hit, we asked ourselves, “how can we continue in our mission of staying connected with our young men and their families?”


We have the ability to find the good in any situation, if we look deeply for a solution. YMOM connected with our young men virtually. We have weekly virtual group sessions, virtual physical education workout sessions with I am Cardio Fitness of Memphis, Tennessee, and our reading circle with English Professor Dr. Burrows of Marquette University.


The lemonade in all this is continuing to embrace our motto because truthfully, no matter the circumstance, we can’t afford to lose one.™ We can’t afford to lose opportunities to continue in our mission of positively impacting the lives of our young men. The saying is, “when life hands you lemons, make lemonade”, but YMOM would like to say “when life hands you lemons … Love, Encourage, Mentor, Overcome, Navigate & Sit-Back &-Sip”.

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